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For Men who don't twerk at the company party


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For Men who don't have to say "winning." They just don't lose.


A portion of the net proceeds will benefit The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) Benevolent Fund.

The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) started the Benevolent Fund as its charitable arm to assist firefighters, their families, and others deemed in need. It is a 501(c)3, nonprofit charitable organization and its tax ID number is 91-1689140. While its main focus is helping members and their families, the WSCFF Benevolent Fund gives money to many causes that assist people.

The Washington State Council of Fire Fighters (WSCFF) represents over 8,000 professional fire fighters across the state. The fraternity of fire fighters takes great pride in their service to the public, through both their employment and support of a variety of charitable causes. The members of the WSCFF created the WSCFF Benevolent Fund in January 1995 to enhance their ability to receive and disseminate funds for charitable purposes on behalf of members of the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters.

Beneficiaries of the WSCFF Benevolent Fund are fire fighters, their families, and other individuals or programs deemed in need. Past and current programs include: scholarships to high school seniors who are dependents of WSCFF members; sponsorships of the book Fully Involved: The History of the WSCF; the Second Alarm Foundation, which provided equipment and gear to fire fighters in Peru; support of funds for injured or killed fire fighters throughout the country; MDA; and various charitable causes.

For men who dont say "my bad" or wear Hawaiian shirts on Friday


By our nature we always strive to have the highest quality crops possible. We are dedicated to growing the best crops and believe there is a place for conventional practices as well as organic, when it helps to sustain or improve the quality of our grains.

Wilbur Bishop, 6th generation farm, Whidbey Is.

Worker’s No. 9 starts with two simple ingredients – fresh, stone-ground grain from local fields and pure Mt. Rainier artesian water. The grains come from family farms, those hard-working folk who care for the land and proudly grow the very best grain they know how.

We feel these local grains make Worker’s No. 9 crisp, vibrant and full-bodied with a rich mouth feel. Worker’s No. 9 is smooth with rich body and a slight sweetness on the finish. We share our grower’s dedication to making the finest spirits we can, and this hard work shows in every bottle we make.

Local sourcing helps families and businesses grow, while keeping a light footprint on the Earth. Mischief sends spent grain to local farms for reuse and collects bottles at our distillery to refill.


Worker's No. 9

Locally distilled by Fremont Mischief Distillery

132 N Canal St Seattle, WA 98103